Office 365 at Walsh

Walsh is a Microsoft Office 365 school.  We use Microsoft's Office 365 portal which includes access to email, OneDrive, online versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and MORE!  In addition, all those in the Walsh community can obtain an updated copy of Microsoft Office at no charge!

Accessing Email

  • Click Office365 at the bottom of the Walsh home page OR  go to
  • Enter your Walsh email address,  (this is the only campus system you will need your full email address)
  • Enter your password
    • If this is the first time you are logging into email you will need to choose a time zone. Walsh is in the U.S. Eastern time zone.
  • You are now logged into your web email.

Clutter is a folder within your Email that will house mail that you do not find as important.  This feature is to assist with only leaving the items you deem most important in your InBox.  You can move items from the Clutter to your Inbox to "train" the system. 

Video on how to turn off or manage Clutter 

Adding email to your phone or mobile device:

How to add email to your iOS device 

Android devices vary - basic instructions are located here

Instructions from Microsoft on setting up Outlook on Android phone

Adding the Walsh Uniform signature to your Web Outlook

       - Uniform Signatures for Walsh Employees

       - Zip files of icons for creating email Signature in the web version

OneDrive for Business

Walsh is using OneDrive for Business which offers each person in the campus community 1 terrabtye of storage space for files on the web (that's a lot of space!).  In addition, OneDrive allows for document sharing and collaboration with others from the Walsh community.

To access your OneDrive

  • Log into Office365 (same way as email)
  • Once logged into the portal click the OneDrive icon to get started. (Background color is a custom setting


More information about OneDrive can be found here

Faculty and staff can be set up to have files located on their Walsh desktop and have them synchronize (sync) with the web OneDrive for Business. Please contact the Help Desk if you do not already have this set this up. Please note:  The limitation of your hard drive size may not allow storage of all OneDrive web files on your computer.

Office365 portal

The portal allows access to many other tools online that Office 365 offers. 

  • Start an Excel, Word, or PowerPoint document easily, just click the icon after logging in and it will start saving as you type in your OneDrive.
  • Click the OneDrive icon to access your files and anything that has been shared with you.
  • Use OneNote to keep an online binder you can access anywhere, anytime.
  • Use Classroom Notebook to disperse class information or keep your instructor information handy. A video for instructors gives you some ideas.
  • Use the Calendar to keep your own schedule.
  • and more.... the Office365 portal is constantly being updated and new tools being added.
Last modified: July 25, 2019