ECN Upgrade

ECN Upgrade

We will be upgrading from version 19.5 to 20 on Wednesday December 16th

Version 20 has some new features and updates, overall things will work the same.

Videos of these updates are available in the Faculty Training link on Instructor Resources on the Welcome page of ECN

Upgrade Notes:

Roster Tool - if your Roster is blank, clear the Cache/History of your browser, close and reload.


Features and Updates:

Tests & Quizzes

Can add category to Tests/Quizzes (no more uncategorized!)

Display Feedback: Can now have a start and end date (no more remembering to go in and turn off feedback!)

[This feature is only available on newly created or copies of tests and quizzes]

Date Picker

Change all the dates for Assignments, Forums, Tests/Quizzes on one page.

Access via Site Info -> Date Manager tab

[This feature is not fully working, a fix is being programmed]

Integration with OneDrive 

Connect your One Drive to ECN to retrieve files as attachments or links rather than downloading/uploading them.

Available with any Add an Attachment button in a tool.

[In Progress]

Updates to Turnitin for Instructors            

New features will help students and faculty alike reduce plagiarism and improve writing.

The Commons Tool  

This social network style tool within ECN may be used as an alternative to other communication tool options, such as comments in Lessons or Forums.

Gradebook (Gradebook Classic is going away!)

The New Gradebook Option (start at point 1:18 Gradebook Classic is gone)

Inline Grading for some files in Assignments - Instructions thanks to UNC-Chapel Hill)

Open assignments and grade and make comments inline within assignments. (Help)

Statistics - information per users

This feature has been added to Statistics

Click on the User Activity tab to get started.




Links to Help for more information/training

Help Guides for Version 20 - Click on User for categories and content

The New Gradebook Option

Rubric Tool - thank you to Pepperdine University

(archive version 11) Changes and Updates in the new version (Powerpoint)

Last modified: December 18, 2020