Digital Media Resources

Digital Storytelling & Digital Media

Walsh encourages all faculty and students to use digital media to tell stories!

As part of this initiative, this web page will serve as an evolving resource for sound, video and editing resources.

How do I get started?

To get started we have created a series of introductory videos from Hoonuit for you called the Introduction to Digital Media.

To use the tutorials, go to Hoonuit and log in with your Walsh username and password.

Then click on or copy and paste this link into the browser to go directly to the training series

Where can I record?

Kolbe Recording Studio, Room 107 GLC -- contact for training and a reservation

The Recording studio is equipped with 4 microphones and a mixer and computer.  Software on the Mac and PC available is Audacity and Adobe Audition. The studio also includes a camera if you would like to video your interviews with guests.

ZOOM - free to campus, log in at to get your free account.

Zoom is a videoconference platform that can be used to record audio, video and shared screens.

Get some tips from podcasters who use Zoom!

Where can I work on video editing?

The Video Editing can be done in any lab on campus with Adobe software or on your own PC. If you need to use an audio mixer you can reserve the Podcast studio. If you want to use your own computer, you can download OBS (Open Broadcast Software) to edit video.

Tools and Resources:

Adobe Express is a free tool you can use the combine text, photos and videos to tell your story. [you will need to create an Adobe account]

Mobile Devices:

Apple  - iMovie

Android  equivalents to iMovie

 Lots and Lots of training on Hoonuit, just log in with your Walsh username and password and start searching for more info!

I am all done what do I do?

  1. Name your File in the following format GE100A_yourname_instructorlastname.mp4
    • GE Course and section and then your name and instructor last name
  2.         Convert your File to an .mp4 format if it is not already
  3. Load the file where your instructor directs you to.

I WON    I WON!!!

Last modified: June 23, 2022